4 x 4 Suspension

  • 4x4 Suspension

    4 Wheel Drive Suspension is extremely complex. That’s why determining the right solution for each 4WD vehicle requires special attention to many components – with weight being the most critical. At Clarke Automotive we only provide our customers with quality and proven suspension components.

    Some Facts about Shock Absorbers:

    Shock absorbers are a consumable part of your 4×4, just like your engine oil, tyres and brake pads.

    Shock absorbers keep your tyres in contact with the road and maintain vehicle stability, particularly when unforeseen situations arise that require a fast response to avoid collision.

    For your safety, the majority of shock absorbers should be replaced or overhauled at least every 80 -100,000 kms to maintain adequate vehicle control. However, if you 4 wheel drive in harsh outback conditions, on corrugated tracks, or with heavy rate coils and heavy loads, your shock absorbers will need to be replaced sooner.

    Shock absorber fluid thins over time (just like engine oil). In addition, the internal moving parts of shock absorbers also wear out and eventually lose their factory tolerances. This means, most shocks will not perform at their optimum performance after approx 75 – 80,000 kms. For this reason, your shock absorbers should be inspected at regular intervals of approx every 25,000 kms in order to maintain safety levels for you and your 4WD passengers.

     Signs your Shock Absorbers are worn:

    • Trouble stopping
    • Nose diving or swerving under brakes
    • Excessive vibrations
    • Side sliding
    • A lot of bouncing over uneven surfaces
    • Uneven tyre wear

    Clarke Automotive can diagnose, service or replace your steering, shock absorbers and 4WD suspension components. 

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